Executive Search

Executive search involves scrutinizing a large pool of talent by conducting pre-qualification assessment of each candidate based on their competency and soft skills.
Each of our search assignments is first thoroughly researched and evaluated in terms of the company, its sector and the position. Candidates are sourced from our database, references and job portals and then shortlisted based on a series of interviews. The shortlisted CVs are then forwarded to our clients for further selection. Since each candidate is handpicked and carefully evaluated based on their competency and profile- we ensure a correct fit.
To remain sustainable, we constantly track key trends and growth metrics of various industries. Thus, our thorough understanding of the industry and the requirement gives us an edge in sourcing relevant candidates for each position.


An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action, determines its growth and prosperity.
We at Talent Forum identify the training needs of individuals in an organization, establish process and procedures for imparting these trainings and hand hold each individual till they are ready on the job. All training programs are succeeded by a thorough feedback process to ensure optimum efficiency of the sessions.
Development of soft skills is imperative for performance, growth and confidence of every individual and the organization. Hence we offer soft skills training to improve business communication, negotiation skills, team building activities, sales training programs and customer centricity among many more.

HR Consulting

Talent Forum helps start ups, small and mid-sized organizations in addressing and decoding their employee related issues through their HR consulting services. We help organizations in rolling out specific and customised HR systems and activities that are aligned to their vision and business needs. People are at the core of every organization’s success, therefore we put in a lot of research and efforts in designing HR systems that not only generates improved productivity but also creates a positive work environment.

We help organizations in the following HR areas:

We support organizations in designing, developing and implementing HR policies and systems that helps in bringing clarity and a lean functioning at workplace.

From goal setting, to mid-term reviews to annual appraisal - Talent Forum partners with organizations to ensure an objective and systematic performance appraisal process, which is linked not only to performance but also to behavioural attributes.

Our HR and Employee Engagement Surveys puts in perspective the current health and culture of the organization, its strengths and its areas of improvements. It also takes into account employees’ as well as employer’s perspective on various factors related to and surrounding the job.